The story of Big Red and BigRedTruckEvents has two parts.

It was the eventual meeting of one fire truck and two firefighters not too long ago.

Ol' Big Red started his career being built  in a Ford factory. He turned out being a 1972 single cab F750 5-speed truck equipped with a 750 gallon water tank, a John Bean water pump, several compartments for equipment, and an oakwood hose-bed. Bright, shiny and new, Big Red was sold to a South Carolina volunteer Fire Department where he faithfully served the community. Big Red was well kept and maintained. He happily rolled out of the station; his powerful engine roaring, lights ablazing and sirens screaming to go fight all types of fires or help assist the public with any of their emergency needs. From fighting house fires or brush fires to blocking traffic in a car accident scene, Big Red always served his community faithfully with a smile.  Finally, after 39 years of service, Red received his final tune-up and his final wash and was retired from service. He was parked by the station patiently waiting for his next assignment.

This is where the second part of the story begins...

Down south, in the City of Miami Fire Rescue Department, two firefighters, Cian and Jose, volunteered their time providing Fire Safety Public Education for kids of various ages in the public and private school system. Being family men themselves, Cian and Jose were pleased to see the kids smile, laugh and participate in the presentations as they learned lessons and skills that could potentially save their lives and that of their family members as well. Parent and teacher feedback was also very positive and a special concept grew from this experience:  BIG RED TRUCK EVENTS.

Both men knew exactly what they wanted for them and South Florida - an authentic fire truck that has seen fire and emergency action along with a variety of party packages for children. A truck that could also be used for weddings, movie shoots, commercials, promotions and any public event.  A unique fire truck with personality, class and strength.

One day both men came across a picture of a retired 1972 Ford fire engine with a John Bean water pump. Seeing Big Red, with his smiling face, parked next to the station, they knew he was  "the truck" to bring to South Floridians.

After experiencing great success with Big Red Truck Events, both men decided they wanted to offer even more services to their customers. They added a third partner to the team, their very good friend, Palm Beach County Firefighter/Paramedic, Marc Stead. Marc brings added value to Big Reds' services and events with his vast knowledge of fire safety and extensive experience working with children. The three firefighters share the same enduring commitment to fire safety and strong family values; and they are here to ensure you experience a 5 alarm event!

Presently, Big Red is happily parked in the Village of Biscayne Park where he is enthusiastically serving Dade and Broward Counties. Always with a smile on his face, Big Red is ready to roar his mighty engine, sound his sirens, shine his lights and flow water from his tank to make any occasion a fun and unforgettable event!!